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What is WordPress?

WordPress is today the most used software for the creation and management of websites worldwide.

What is a CMS?

It is possible that many of you are using content management systems (CMS) and have no idea that you are doing it and even, surely, you do not know the scalability that these types of systems can have and how much they can help us.

What is the cloud?

One of the most frequent questions that we are often asked in the area of technology is: What is the cloud? And the truth is that it is a concept that can become a bit complicated to understand.

What is a hosting

The concept of hosting is a bit more complex to understand, but, in the same way as we did with the domain, we can compare it with something from day to day and, in this case, the hosting could be compared to the house.

What is a domain?

Hasn't it happened to you that you use a tool or a service and don't fully understand how it works?

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